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Re: [1.2 installation]: how to tell X to follow swapping of control and caps lock from loadkeys

"Alexander Gieg" <agieg@brworld.com.br> writes:

> > > What's the best way to swap the Caps Lock and left
> > > Control keys under X windows?  
> > 
> > It's right in the man page for xmodmap:

> In X Windows 3.1.2 this will work fine, but in 3.2
> you will need to disable the new XKBD extensions and
> use the old xmodmap method.

> The XKBD has only one problem: its very, very, *very*
> more complex than xmodmap. There isn't any HOWTO
> (yet, I hope), so I'm reading the full documentation
> ( > 300 pages!).

I just read the config files and man XF86Config.  Add the following
to the Keyboard section of XF86Config:

    XkbRules "xfree86"
    XkbModel "microsoft"
    XkbLayout "us"
    XkbOptions "ctrl:swapcaps"

If you want the control keys _and_ caps lock to both do control, use
"ctrl:nocaps". All possible values for the above are listed in 

This is the "proper" way to fix the control keys with XFree 3.2.


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