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Re: System Time Question

> The system time on my Debian PC is 1hour ahead of local time.  That makes   
> me think the timezone was not setup properly.
> What is the command for setting the time on a running system?
> Beyond that, what is the best method for setting up system time?  Should   
> I set CMOS time to GMT and use some sort of timezone info (which I don't   
> know how to setup)?  Or??

  You can easily specify the timezone with the TZ variable.  The way to do
this, you can get specific information from the manual page for tzset().

  Grossly, it is like this...

TZ=name offset dst start/time end/time

name is a an alphabetic name, describing the timezone... like CET

offset is the offset from GMT (also known as UTC)

dst is DST for daylight savings time (these parts can be omitted, if you don't
    have a DST).

start, stop are the dates to start and stop daylight savings.

time is the time within date start/stop to begin or end daylight savings.

  I'm in central europe, and my TZ is


  The recomended format is to use GMT as the ancor for time... and then
select offset from that time with your locale variables.  This way, you can
have your host in singapore, log in from the moon and set the time on the
system to present the time of your being...

  ... imagine if you were in germany (in case you're english), watching TV
and everything is german... gosh, and you don't speak a word in german, right?
or perhaps a little, and it is annoying having to concentrade on trying to
understand the gibberish... and in comes your remote control, to the rescue.
push a button, and select a text under your picture... or better yet, even
vocal translation of the picture... ah, that would make things too easy :-)

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