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RE: Re: No ftp? Have I missed something?

In reply to the honourable 'oehansen@halmstad.mail.telia.com' who said:

> > Um, how am I supposed to connect to the ftp site if I don't have ftp?  =

the latest install set is hmmm how can i put this <smile>

there was no ftp in a new 1.2 installation, this makes it extremely difficult to 
install imho based on the next problem.

using dselect to connect to one of my other machines failed miserably until i worked 
out why the pathing failed, when trying to get the Packages(.gz) file the hard coded 
commands used were as follows, this is based on looking at a ftp servers log.
cd /stable/binary-i386 
nlist stable/binary-i386

note the lack of a leading slash on the second pathname. i had to literally create a 
path as below to get it to work, based upon dselect prompting me for a path. i have 
no idea why it works on a mirror site, maybe links ?


K11cron was missing from the /etc/rc1.d rc2.d - rc6.d directories so i had to work 
out how to get my cron working again, which i did.

i also had to touch the /var/spool/cron/crontabs directory.

dselect is still unusably slow in screen drawing and scrolling and virtually useless 
when to trying to navigate it, i prefer the version from 12 months ago and use dpkg 
from the command line now as its much easier instead of having dselect constantly 
choose packages and remove things for you. if its going to have smarts builtin do it 
properly please. B)

pppd or something appears to be misbehaving, im getting errors if i look at the 
output from ifconfig it reports anywhere from 2% - 10% errors, which i never had 
before 2.0.27 but pppstats does not report any errors. 
RX packets:3782 errors: 103 dropped: 103 overruns: 0

i also have a problem in the /var/log/ppp.log file

strauss pppd[14923]: Cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP
and DNS lookups sometimes fail, unless i requery again.

ip_masquerading is misbehaving with the ip_masq_ftp.o module as it stalls constantly 
during transfers and connections. my configuration also includes firewalls and rules 
for Forwarding, Input and Output if thats of any interest, moreover throughput on a 
28.8 drops down to 200bps at times. 

i have a complex network here and have really put debian through its paces so anyway 
just my $0.02c 

but apart from all that debian is a great distribution keep it up !

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