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rescue disks for a tecra

Does anybody know where I can get these?  Bruce mentioned a bug
in the exisisting set, but didn't mention what the bug was.  He's
off line for a while, so if anyone else could point me in the
direction of a working set of boot disks for a tecra for 1.2, I'd
appreciate it.  I used make-kpkg to install a new custom
kernel-image, but it was the same upstream version, so it blew
away the previous working kernel (i.e. they were both 2.0.24, but
had different package versions a la 2.0.24-1.1 and 1.2).  The new
kernel doesn't boot and the old kernel has been overwritten.
This was a 1.1 upgraded, so I don't even have an older working
set of 1.2 floppies.

Any help would be appreciated as I'm quite hosed at the moment :-)

Thanks in advance.

Richard G. Roberto
011-81-3-3437-7967 - Tokyo, Japan

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