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Re: limiting email size

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Karl Ferguson wrote:

thanks carl:)  I was wondering, if i do set it to 10 megs lets say, and
then somone send a 11meg file will it bonce and give a reason why?

karl >At 03:42 PM 1/2/97 +1100, Fundamental wrote:
karl >>
karl >>what program do people use to put a limit on users email sizes?  i thought
karl >>smail could do it, but it seems it cant ....
karl >
karl >If you're using Smail, then put a "max_message_size=xM" in the
karl >/etc/smail/config file.  In the smailconf man page it is actually now
karl >supported and works great for me (incidently, I've already told the
karl >developer this).  Of course, you can do xk (k being kilobytes) as well.
karl >
karl >Regards,
karl >
karl >...Karl
karl >
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