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Re: quotas - how?

On Wed, 1 Jan 1997, Tim Sailer wrote:

thanks, i know this:) i just wanted to know how you actually edit them,
for instance, in solaris you type edquta user, then this screens appears

fs /home (soft = 0 hard = 0)

then you type in the bytes you want to set the limit to.  But debian gives
you what i described below ... just wondering what you actually put in

> In your email to me, Fundamental, you wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > how do you edit a quota in debian,  when i try i get a blank editor screen
> > with the words
> > 
> > Quota for user default:
> > 
> > what number am i supposed to put here?  how do you define the hard/soft
> > limit?
> You have to have quota enabled in the kernel, and the partitions
> mounted with the right quota options ( I think).
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