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[1.2 installation] - how to see pppd options from diald?

Hi (again).  I'm having trouble getting diald to start PPP (pppd) 

I got PPP set up fine for manual use (using /usr/bin/pon to start it,
and having my extra options in /etc/ppp.options_out, etc.).

However, I'm having trouble figuring out what's going wrong when diald
starts pppd.  pppd reports "Could not determine remote IP address".

(I think) I also got that when setting up pppd for manual use.  I added
<local addr>:<remote addr> to my /etc/ppp.options_out file and pppd works
fine when started via /usr/bin/pon.  (I see how /usr/bin/pon appends
my options to its command line to run pppd.)

For diald, I have "local ..." and "remote ..." set in my diald.options 
file.  I thought that would prevent the above error message, but it 


* How can I see the command line diald used to start pppd? 

	(I've got debugging set to 31.  Log messages show some other command 
	lines, but not the command line for pppd.)

* What exactly does "Could not determine remote IP address" mean?
	(What conditions does it typically indicate, and what typically
	fixes it?)

* How do I specify extra pppd options in the diald configuration file
	/etc/diald/diald.options ?

	I would try adding the options I put in my /etc/ppp.options_out
	file (to try to explicitly respecify the addresses), but I can't
	see how to give diald options to pass directly to pppd. 

	* Specifically, does the diald options file have an equivalent for
		the diald command-line option "--" (to give options to
		pass directly to pppd)?

Thanks again,
Daniel S. Barclay      Compass Design Automation, Inc.
daniel@compass-da.com  Suite 100, 5457 Twin Knolls Rd.  Columbia, MD 21045 USA

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