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Re: Missing: resq1200.bin

Hi Rudolph, You wrote:
 Rudolph> Gregory Vence <gvence@ix.netcom.com> writes:
 Rudolph> > Where can I find resq1200.bin ? its not on ftp.debian.org.
 Rudolph> The things that are on the 1.44MB resque disk don't fit in
 Rudolph> 1.2MB, so such a disk cannot be built. I don't know whether
 Rudolph> there are plans to solve this.

Who needs all the other 1200.bin stuff? Who would use 1200 disks if
they have 1400 drive? IMHO, all the 1200 should be removed or there
should be a resq1200.bin (or resq1200.1 and resq1200.2).

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