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> Hi.

> Some days ago, I put a message asking if there is
> some documentation about the new XKBD extensions to
> X Windows, in place of the older xmodmap.

> I don't received any reply. I *really* want to know
> how I can configure my keyboard in X, with dead_keys
> and all the other good things that there is in the
> version 3.2, but I don't know *how*.

> The XKBD are *very much* cryptografic than kbd! And
> there is no keyboard for brasilian portuguese.

> Anyone has any help?

> Thanks in advance.

> Alexander Gieg

 Hi, and a Happy New Year...

 I've had the same problems with keyboard coding for my own language, as I do
prefer an Icelandic keyboard interface...

 The way to go... is to use the program 'xkbcomp', there is a manual page for
it... with it, you can de-compile your current keyboard into a file (with an
'xkm' extension), which is a plain text-file)... and then recompile it into
the X server.

 a second way, and a more secure solution, is to enter the directories:


 here under are several files and directories, that define the keyboard
layout... to define my own keyboard, I took these steps:

  Entered the directory 'symbols' under the above, and there copied one of
the files, that was closest to mine into an 'is' file (My language extension).
Edited this file, to provide for the information I needed:
// $XConsortium: is /main/2 1996/11/04 11:43:57 oeh $
// $XFree86: xc/programs/xkbcomp/symbols/ic,v 3.2 1996/10/13 11:35:29 dawes Ex
p $
partial default alphanumeric_keys 
xkb_symbols "basic" {

    // Describes the differences between a very simple en_US
    // keyboard and a very simple Icelandic keybaord

    name[Group1]=3D "Icelandic";

    key <TLDE> {        [         onehalf,         section      ]       };
    key <LSGT> {        [            less,         greater      ],


 and then edited the file 'symbols.dir' in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb to create
the entries needed for my language extension, again... using other entries
in the file as a directive as to how:

  -dp----- a------- is(basic)
  --p----- a------- is(Sundeadkeys)
  --p----- a------- is(sundeadkeys)
  --p----- a------- is(nodeadkeys)

  Thereon after, you can insert the following line into you XF86Config file,

Section "Keyboard"
    XkbSymbols  "en_US(pc102)+is"

  hope this helps...

Ørn Einar Hansen                         oe.hansen@halmstad.mail.telia.com
                                    fax; +46 035 217194

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