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Unidentified subject!

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From: George Bonser <grep@oriole.sbay.org>
Subject: Re: It happened again.
Date: 29 Dec 1996 07:18:19 GMT
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FWIW, I have NEVER had this happen even though I might leave Netscape
up for two or three days at a time. I do not run irc or lynx. I also
do not run a name server. I am running cnews with nntpd, wu-ftpd, smail,
xntpd, fvwm2, XFree86-3.1.2, Linux 2.0.27, kerneld, inetd, lpd and have
mgetty running on one serial port with a PPP dialup connection to my
provider on the other port. System is 32Meg of RAM with 96M of swap
on a Pentium 60. The system is under light load with scheduled UUCP
dialouts and ppp connections for IP traffic. My services run under
wrappers through inetd.

<shrug> I have heard of this problem quite often but have never experianced
it. One person about a year ago solved the problem by reseating all cards,
memory modules and chips in sockets. The problem appeared after a hardware
upgrade and disappeard after she took the system apart again and put it
back together.

BEWARE of serial devices that are plugged into a different power circuit
from the computer. Most do not properly isolate pin1 and pin7 and you
can end up with some NASTY getty respawn problems or flat out failure
of serial ports because of it if there is a difference in ground
potential between the two power circuits.

Gith (gith@quicklink.net) wrote:
: My computer ( this one is brand new even! ) started running away again.
: Its happened twice now, on two diff computers. This can't be a hardware
: problem. 
: First time: 
: 	On a 386sx-20 with 4megs RAM
: Second time:
: 	On a 486dx4-100 with 8megs RAM
: The first time I thought it might be a hardward problem since my monitor
: died the next morning( it was barely hanging on as it was)
: This time though, its a new computer only days old.
: This time, I wasn't logged out and not allowed back in. I was able to
: run ps -ax and found no programs running that shouldn't have been.
: I did type free and noticed that my swap space was filling up fast.
: I kill everything on my other vts and logged out of all except one.
: Then the runaway stopped. I was once again connected to my ISP at the
: time. I was running lynx and irc. The last time this happened i
: was running slrn and irc. So, its either got to be a system problem
: or someone on irc found a nice exploit to play with or the irc program
: itself has problems. 
: Any suggestions? ( Besides staying off irc )
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George Bonser
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