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Re: problems with innd

Hmmm thanks for the pointer!

I went to check, and my news.daily is already renumbering every day...
I had already tried the stop-makehistory-start-renumber sequence, but
for some reason I'm still getting throttled...

What are the reasons for throttling and the system staying in that mode?

Thanks again,

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Tim Sailer wrote:

> In your email to me, Ricardo Kleemann, you wrote:
> > 
> > Why does the server keep throttling? :(  I can't find any error messages
> > that point me to my problems... But I've been finding that everynight the
> > server is stopping (I assume throttling). Each morning I look at the
> > logfile and it is of size zero. Only after I do a ctlinnd go "" does it
> > start back up...
> I use innd built from scratch, and I don't have these problems. However,
> on some other boxes that I admin, I see these from time to time.
> Did you install debian's innd on a running news system? Try shutting
> down the news system, and run makehistory. Then start up and renumber.
> If you can spare the cpu cycles, have news.daily do the renumber 
> for you at night.
> Tim
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