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mt I/O error w/ HP T1000 tape drive.

Hello all,

	I get I/O errors when I attempt to 

mt -f /dev/nrft0 fsf #

my HP/Colorado T1000 tape drive.  I'm gonna guess it's either not a
supported action or a bug, but it doesn't really matter.  Is there any
easy workaround for this problem, preferable one which integrates easily
into a perl backup script?

Along the same lines, does anybody know if there's been any progress on
getting the Linux port of dump to reliably handle multi-volume save sets?
I'm really regretting my choice of a rather small tape drive.

Thanks for the help!

Peter J. Templin, Jr.                   Client Services Analyst
Computer & Communication Services       tel: (717) 524-1590
Bucknell University			templin@bucknell.edu

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