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Re: What package do I need ? (libXpm.so.4)

<allan@internet.dk> writes:

> > >         3) but after installing the fvwm2 & afterstep Window managers. I 
> > >      get:
> > >      
> > >          fvwm2: can't load library 'libXpm.so.4'.
> > >      afterstep: can't load library 'libXpm.so.4'
> > >      
> > >      What package do I need to instll to get this lib?
> > 
> I got that too. I fixed it by adding /usr/X11R6/lib to the /etc/ld.so.conf
> file and then run ldconfig.
> Allan Jacobsen <allan@internet.dk>

I had to do this too - add the X libraries to ldconfig by hand.  This
was installing on a "virgin" system - not even DOS installed :-)

Also, I found many of the packages required "X11R6", and couldn't
figure out what supplied that.  I would have figured "xbase", but it
did not.  I ended up installing "xcompat" from my attic of debian
packages.  Note that I grabbed 1.2 a day or two before it was official
- I might have a problem with MY copy of the distribution.


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