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Re: XWindows Login Screen

segre@charlie.cns.iit.edu said:
> On Thu, 12 Dec 1996 edwalter@usa.net wrote:
> > The problem is that xdm uses xrdb to read these configuration files
> > in.  xrdb has been broken for a while.  It crashes if run with no
> > options.  My solution was to mv xrdb to xrdb.bin and create a shell
> > script named xrdb that run xrdb.bin with the -nocpp option.
> > 
> Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem for me.  Maybe I didn't
> follow the instructions correctly.  The script file I put in xrdb is:
> #! /bin/sh
> /usr/X11R6/bin/xrdb.bin -nocpp
> I still do not get the proper login screen.  Maybe a bug report is in
> order?

Using the -nocpp option simply won't work with xdm, just because the xdm 
configuration file /etc/X11/xdm/Xresources makes use of preprocessor macros 
like CLIENTHOST, to achive the fancy "Debian Linux (thehost)" title, and other 
similar features.  If you disable the preprocessor with -nocpp the macros 
won't be susbstituted, thus making that "X Window System" (yes, I've seen it 
as well) to appear instead.

I found another solution, however.  The (apparently broken) xrdb, can be 
forced to work by invoking it as

  xrdb -cpp '/lib/cpp -traditional'

I don't know why, but I have noticed that it is enough to invoke it *once* 
whith this options to commit it to work *for the whole X session*.  That makes 
me think the problem has more to do with the Xserver than with xrdb itself.  
By the way, it would be good to know what Xserver is being used by those 
experiencing the problem.  In my case, I've observed the problem with 
XF86_SVGA, but the ATI Mach64 server doesn't seem to have it.

So, what I did was moving my xrdb to xrdb.bin just like Carlo did, an 
replacing it by the following script:

  exec /usr/X11R6/bin/xrdb.bin -cpp '/lib/cpp -traditional' $*
(notice the $* at the end of the second line).  Altough this is not a perfect 
replacement for xrdb (it doesn't work with the -cpp option) it seems to solve 
the problem for me.


M. S.

Martin A. Soto J.                           Profesor
Departamento de Ingenieria de Sistemas y Computacion
Universidad de los Andes      masoto@uniandes.edu.co

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