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Re: Problem with 1.2 and 3com during install

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, Vatiainen Heikki wrote:

>Thaks for your mail. I made a record of the terminal session and I'm
>attaching it here. I made a completely fresh install with the
>1996-12-8 floppies and only selected nfs from the device driver
>modules. I tried to install 3c509 but it failed with or without the
>irq and base io given as parameter.
>I also tried the boot floppies from November but they didn't fix the
>3com problem either.
>The motherboard is a Tyan TomcatIII, and there's also a SoundBlaster
>32 PnP installed.
And that together with the PnP motherboard is the problem.
Get isapnp, run pnpdump before loading the modules and all is fine.
I put the following in /etc/init.d/boot

if [ -x /sbin/pnpdump ]; then
   echo "Deconfiguring PnP devices"
   pnpdump > /dev/null

(This problem had driven me mad for about a day, Hope it helps you)


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