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noteboot install

I'm having to do a scratch install of debian 1.2 on 2
Toshiba Tecra 500CDT notebooks, and I'm slowly losing my mind from
lack of sleep. It took an hour or so of fiddling to finally come up
with 'disable all cache' to get the machine to boot from the floppy.
Everything else went fairly normal, but a little slow. I copied the
pcmcia stuff via floppy, then configured the card, nice and smooth.
Now the fun started. From a local (on the ethernet) mirror, installing
the rest of the packages with dselect via nfs took 5 hours! This is
a p5-133 folks! Now, using loadlin to try to boot failed with
the normal error I've seen about not enough memory, so I installed
lilo, rebooted into DOS, enabled the cache, and rebooted...
and rebooted... and rebooted. It gets to Uncompressing Linux,
and reboots. OK.. I'm fairly intelligent (so I think). It must be
the kernel, with all the compiled in goodies. I disabled the
cache and rebooted, and am now recompiling the kernel....
still compiling after *7 hours*!!!!! And... it died with
unreferenced symbols at the vmlinux linking. Does anyone
have any ideas about speeding this up? Sorry about the rambling...
I've had about 30 mins of sleep in the last 50 hours..


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