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On Mon, 9 Dec 1996, Daniel Stringfield wrote:

> >From what I understand, PGP 'international' is not supposed to be used in
> the US, and the US version is not supposed to be use outside of the US. 
> Is this right?  Which one should I be using?
The US version is legal to use in the US, and illegal to export from the 
US, but whose gonna prosecute you if you use it outside the US.  But you 
shouldn't want to use it anyway b/c the international version is faster 
b/c it uses a faster library than the one RSA provides for MIT to put in 
the US version.  However b/c it uses its own library, it breaks RSA's 
patent in the US, therefore it is techinically illegal to be used in the US.

Shaya Potter

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