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Bruce Perens writes:
> It's now possible to build a kernel with little more than the ramdisk
> and console drivers and load everything else including the driver for
> the root disk from a module (see the initrd documentation). That means
> that the user can put together an efficient kernel without
> recompiling. I wanted to have this for 1.2, but it'll have to wait for
> 1.3 . Not having to recompile the kernel is a big ease-of-use issue.

I agree with this, however, there are times when one _must_ have a driver
compiled within the kernel. Point in case, I want to put together a toolbox
based on Debian and I want to use UMSDOS as my basic FS. Unless you have an
alternative, I believe that in order to boot up into Debian on a UMSDOS FS,
you must have UMSDOS embedded within the kernel.

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Thomas Kocourek  KD4CIK

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