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RE: pdf files

>This isn't debian specific, but what does it take to read/print pdf files
>in linux?
>My sig file is only one line long!
Wow I have an answer!

Your choices are two:  1) xpdf or 2) Adobe acrobat.  If you just want to
read single .pdf files, I would go for xpdf.  If you have a tree full of
pdf files, then you will need Acrobat.

I think I have seen xpdf in the Debian tree, or perhaps on Sunsite.  You
can also run a search and find the home page for its author.  Acrobat
can be retrieved from the Adobe site.  I do not think there is a Debian
package for it, but I have installed and run it her just fine.  ciao!

>D. W. Wieboldt -. . My other computer runs Linux!

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