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Leafmode - newsreaders / mailer suggestions.

Hi all,

I need advice to get mail/news working.  Running (pre)1.2 with smail
configured and pine also have elm available.  Knews is available - I
haven't used this yet. I am trying to get a working setup so that I can
pull a close colleague to Debian.  

Problem: mail / pine both read mail fine.  Can't get pine to queue
outgoing mail in a spool file somewhere and send all messages together
as I go on line.  Help/advice appreciated.

Still using a Windows newsreader / news posting client for ease of use:
need help on configuring a local news spool i.e. download all my news to
a local spool then read it off line / prepare replies etc.

[Demon Internet treat all postings to newsgroups as email so I need to
be able to configure the software accordingly].

Someone elsewhere suggested leafmode as the ideal solution for a small
site would be helpful here - is there a .deb package ??

[*Explicit* advice as to diald config. would also be a great help and
much appreciated - I'm currently getting there very slowly]

Thanks very much

Andrew Martin Adrian Cater

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