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Re: MS WORD format (and customizable telnet client)

In article <>, Adam Shand <larry@earthlight.co.nz> wrote:
>>Of course, I most always run Linux and rarely Windows, but in Windows
>>I run PPP (Trumpet Winsock), Netscape, etc. Trumpet telnet sucks;
>>uwterm is a pretty good telnet, but I'm always looking for a better one.
>>Kermit supports all kinds of network adaptors, why not winsock?
>The best Winsocok telnet program I have found is SimpTerm.  It's very
>simple but does everything I want but zmodem uploads (is does do z modem
>downloads over modem).  It has 16 and 32 bit versions and is free.
>It also rarely dies in the way EWAN, TrumpTel and many other windows telnet
>programs do.

I use NetTerm for my Windows terminal stuff. It supports WinSock and dialup. 
It's got all the features I've ever needed, and seems *very* configurable.

Paul F. Pearson - ppearson@dynal.com or ppearson@hiwaay.net
"I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that.  
Then I realized I was somebody"  -- Lily Tomlin

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