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Re: how emulate a WINDOWS 95 station


On Fri, 6 Dec 1996, CoB SysAdmin@gel.usherb.ca (Joe Emenaker) wrote:

> > 
> > > I supervise a network with a station on debian an many station on Windows
> > > 95. The Windows 95 can see them on the network, i think they used the
> > > NETBEUI protocol.
> [ snip ]
> > 
> > just :
> > 	install package samba
> > 	and use the name of a debian user (no root) as log of our win95
> > 	and you will see his home directory and the printer (lp)
> Does this work with NETBEUI, though? I've always used TCP/IP in my Win95
> setups so that they would deal with Samba properly. I've never looked
> into how to get a Unix machine to speak anything other than IP.
It's the way I do it here where we have lots of machines running NT or
Win95. People could reach my machine with the Explorer alothough they
don't seem so much interest cause I just have Linux stuff :). Linux users
preferred to NFS mounted my file system to do it ;).

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