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Re: A newbie recursion problem...:-)))) (fwd)


On Fri, 6 Dec 1996, Emir UNER wrote:

> Yesterday i make a test like this in a virtual console
> not as root(X is not running).
> I started the program and after a few seconds it began
> to give the message below. 
> ./test: fork: try again
> then i changed th virtual console and try pressing
> Ctrl-Alt-Del but the system didn't respond.
> The after 10 minutes i pressed the reset button.
> i think too that there must be a way to restrict the
> processes to call them recursively in a limit.

Strange, the only thing I got it's a not enough virtual memory error
for < bash | ./test > then the process are kill... I never loose the
control over the other process and also can see in top all my process be
zap by bash and remain without difficulty after a time...

Got the same thing as root! (Yes, I know that's a little bit neck breaking

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