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Re: kbd reccommends svgatextmode? why?

>>>>> Joey Hess writes:

> Why is svgatextmode important to the kbd package?  This is
> especially annoying since kbd is in base, and so dselect is going to
> pretty well force the installation of svgatextmode on all debian
> systems.

Because kbd now defers any video setup and font loading to
svgatextmode.  It is far more flexible: resize your console and, given
correct configuration of svgatextmode, the appropriate font will be

It is true that kbd provides the svgatextmode functionality, but at
least the resizecons utility is a huge security hole, so you will most
likely need svgatextmode anyway.

BTW. IMHO text consoles with 100+ Hz should be mandatory anyway... :)

But since ´recommends´ is too strong, i will change it to 'suggests'
in the next release.

Thanks for your input,
  Dominik Kubla

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