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Re: Swap overdraft

>>From: H C Lai <eeshcl@ee.bath.ac.uk>
>> Is there a way to make Linux run programme which requires more virtual
>> memory than the system can provide through real memory and swap ??

Some one said :

>Linux always runs in over commited mode. Pages are only used if a
>program is writing to it. And yes, this may crash the System if is
>trashing cause of fullswap.

Thanks for all the replies so far. The impression I get is that
Linux does support the 'over-commitment' mode. Kernel 2.0.0 definitely
does not support this. I have a ~10 lines of small fortran test
programme which basically creates a HUGE array in a common block and
then tries to use a small part of it. It failed with segmentation
fault on elf. But succeeds by just putting in more swap !!

I'll go back and try again.


Hong Cheng

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