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Newbie question -- Installing with Adaptec 2940

I'm trying to install debian 1.1 from the Infomagic CD set, and using the 
boot1440.bin image for the boot disk I can't get it to recognize my 2940
SCSI adapter.  I have a hard disk and a Jaz drive on the SCSI card, and

I found the directory of patches for the adaptec cards, but don't know 
how to use them.  I also found the special kernels on the ftp site but 
couldn't figure out which one if any would work.  Finally, I tried a 
variety of 'boot:' parameters with no luck.

Can someone point me in the right direction?  I realize this is an old
question but I've been working at it for a while with no success.  


Robert Platt     McGill-Montreal Children's Hospital Research Institute

"For every complex and difficult problem there is always a simple and easy
solution ... and it's wrong."  
 				--  H.L. Mencken

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