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Re: wrong name of kernel-packages?

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Dirk Luetjens wrote:

> Hello,
> why are some packages named in this way, with the underscore behind
> the version number,
> kernel-source-2.0.23_0.deb
>                     ^
> and not in the form 
> kernel-source_2.0.23-0.deb ?
> This causes dselect to treat this as "available version 0"
> All the kernel packages are named like this.
I believe this is being done so that you can install more than one kernel
source. Thus the "name" of the package is: kernel-source-2.0.23, and it is
version 0 (as they all will be). I believe that the kernel source package
and several library packages use this style name. (although the library
packages also have non-zero version numbers)



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