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Re: WWW Proxy Authentication

On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, Michael Laing wrote:

> Caching works great but we also need proxy authentication. I
> am familiar with how to do this using Netscape Proxy but the
> functionality is not (yet) supported by Apache and is specifically
> excluded from the feature list for the next version (1.2)...
> [...deleted...]
> This scheme requires identification of the user, as the machines
> (mostly macs) can be used by anybody. Netscape Proxy does this nicely
> but doesn't run on Linux...

the next version of squid (1.1) will be able to authenticate users (and
lots of other neat features like rewriting URLs so that, for example, all 
requests for netscape binaries are fetched from the same site - a great
bandwidth saver).

It's currently in final beta test, should be released very soon (within
a week or so, i think).

check out squid's homepage:


BTW, squid is the best WWW proxy & cache available - it's wonderful.  It's
also available as a debian package (version 1.0.20 at the moment).  The
debian maintainer does a great job and usually gets out a new debian
version within a few days of the main release (he does a much better job
of it than when i was maintaining squid for debian :-).


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