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Re: A newbie recursion problem...:-))))


> BTW I'm running the 2.0.25 kernel. Oh...where can I define the max
> number of processes
> for a user???

Its defined in the Kernel Headers. The number of processes allowed for a
user is half the number allowed on the system. 4 process slots are reserved
for root. You can limit this with setrlimit(2). See "help ulimit" in bash.

#include <linux/tasks.h>:
#define NR_TASKS        512


The Problem here is not the amount of process slots used, but the amount of
virtual memory... worst case u get "256*unshared" about 300k for a shell =
75M menory used by one user. This means if you add 50MB swap to your 40MB
ram the above test should not block you system anymore. Of course larger
process will use more memory. There is no overall limit for ram used by one

You can use the lshell to enforce some limits:

default C60P30D20F24    // Default limits, 60 min's CPU time, 30 processes,
                        //  20Mb, 24 file descriptors

30*20MB=600MB swap needed to be safe...

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