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I can't find netscape and Debian versions


I know that the directory tree on ftp.debian.org is in a state of change
with the upcoming release of v1.2, but I have spent two hours looking 
for the 'netscape-v301'  package. Could somone point me to the 
correct location? I'll be fine from that point on (I think 8-).

BTW I'm trying to figure out the naming scheme for the releases. The 
way I figure it it goes like this:

Buzz ---> v1.1
Buzz-Fixed --->v1.1.stuff
Bo --->I don't have a clue
Rex --->v1.2

Is that how it works? 

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Kevin McEnhill	kevinm@kci.wayne.edu
Machintosh fanatic and Linux guru in training.

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