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(Sorry for the formatted message the first time)

Hi Deb'lers!

   I'm having a really confusing problem with NFS.  Running Debian 1.1 here.
The problem is in mounting filesystems on our Vax, which is running TGV's
Multinet.  The problem appears to be related to the uid/gid passed to the
server from a mount attempt.  

Is there some way of passing a uid/gid of other than root when attempting
an NFS mount?  

I've tried the -o options and specified the gid and uid, but apparently
those options are not permitted when the target is an NFS filesystem, as
the error "unknown option" results.  The same filesystem is mountable by
PC's using Ipswitches Acadia product, which defaults to a uid/gid of -2

Oh, the mount fails the same way when using either Debian, Redhat 2.1 or
3.0.3.  Multinet does provide a uid/gid translation function, but it
apparently does not accept root's default of 0,0.  It seems I'm stuck
again in that proverbial hard place.......Any ideas?


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