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Installing libdl1 (ldso)


I wrote recently about problems with running dselect, namely that the
installation step fails with:

dpkg: cannot see how to satisfy pre-dependency:
 perl pre-depends on libdl1
dpkg: cannot satisfy pre-dependencies for perl (wanted due to perl)

I had a look and found that the new version of ldso provides libdl1
(whereas the old version of ldso doesn't).  So I don't know why
dselect doesn't work this out itself, but anyway, in the meantime, I
guess the solution would be to run:

dpkg --install rex/binary-i386/base/ldso_1.8.5-1.deb
dpkg --configure ldso

But because I am not familiar with using dpkg, and because I think
ldso is probably a package I cannot afford to make a mistake with, I
am hesitant to go ahead.  Is this the right thing to do?  Do I need to
do a dpkg --purge to remove the earlier version of ldso first?

Thanks for your help,

Mark Phillips.  (mark@maths.flinders.edu.au)

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