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Re: trn vs. inn

Okay, lets see if this now gets past the spam filter..

In article <m0vTpAi-000KkVC@barbar>,
Debian Package <debian@barbar.augusta.de> wrote:
>Hi all,
>i have some errors in /var/log/news/news.notice when invoking trn:
>[time&date] barbar nnrpd[24517]: localhost.augusta.de connect
>[time&date] barbar nnrpd[24517]: localhost.augusta.de unrecognized XMODE READER
>[time&date] barbar nnrpd[24517]: localhost.augusta.de unrecognized XTHREAD DBINIT

That's not an error nor a problem; it's just an informational message.
Trn knows about some extensions to the NNTP protocol that INN doesn't. It
just tries the server to see which extensions are implemented.

One of the things you see is "XMODE READER". INN implements this call, but
after it was standarized it's called "MODE READER". Now trn doesn't know
what version of the NNTP standard the server implements so it tries both.
Ugly, but nothing to worry about.

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