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video mode solved. cpp/gcc solved. kernel, X11?

Was: "Remarks, installing rex from scratch"
:  1) Don't give an entry
: 			vga=[any number other than normal]
: 	  in /etc/lilo.conf and launch lilo with that.  It will
: 	  completely confuse dselect, and nobody is aware of this :-(

 Video modes are ok, forget about vga=... settings, use now
a resolution of 132x60. I was confused about learning
dselect, especially with cycling through the sorting options.

==================== cpp/gcc
 There is a dependency problem with cpp/gcc.  gcc depends on cpp and
replaces cpp!  So I 
	a) installed cpp, purged gcc;
	b) put cpp on hold and installed gcc.

==================== kernel sources
 The kernel sources aren't in rex, but dselect/dpkg didn't
complain about that.  It claims everything all right and
nothing happened.  Installed it per Hand from buzz, saying
"dpkg -i ...".

==================== X11
 The fight with xlib6-dev_3.2-1.deb, xlib and
xlib6_3.2-1.deb is a mess.  Did get through to start a SVGA
server, with installing those per hand and setting them to
"hold". They are "new unclassified without section" (?)

==================== X11
Common warnings ignored:
.  More than one copy of package xbase has been unpacked
.  	in this run !  Only configuring it once.

which came for many packages in the past.

==================== X11
Then this one:
.  dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of xpaste:
.  	xpaste depends on xlibraries; however:
.  	 Package xlibraries is not installed.
.  	 Package xlib which provides xlibraries is not installed.
.  dpkg: error processing xpaste (--install):
.  	dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
.  Setting up xbase (3.2-1) ...

 Hope to get help or provide input for debugging at least.
Tired greetings,

Uni Wuppertal, FB Elektrotechnik, Tel/Fax: (0202) 439 - 3009
Dr. Andreas Wehler;  wehler2@welfa4.elektro.uni-wuppertal.de

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