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Re: More Ports for Debian's

Dimitri Maziuk says:
>ciccio wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've got an intel based Debian box, and an m68k (Atari Falcon), also running
>> Linux. I'd liked to connect them using ppp or plip, but the bigger box has
>> all serial and paralel ports ocupied (mouse, modem, printer). So I decided
>> to purchase a card giving me an additional paralel and two serial ports. This
>> was the only card I could find after looking for a month, it's no-name, w/o
>> any kind of manual (just a jumper-charts regarding the i/o addresses),
>> and the vendor hasn't got an idea.
>> When I plug it into an ISA slot, I loose the serial (mouse) port because
>> of an IRQ 4 conflict; the triton II PnP mother board seems to have changed
>> the sound cards IRQ 5 to IRQ10. I played a lot with all jumper settings
>> I tought of (at least same IRQ but different I/O address), but the conflict
>> persists.
>> Any advice would be appreciated.
>If you can disable serial ports on your new card and configure
>parallel port as LPT2, you should be able to run PLIP.  I think
>LPT2 defaults to IRQ7 (or 5 ? -- not sure.)  Anyway, you have to set
>both IRQ and I/O address to avoid conflicts.  So find an unused IRQ,
>see which port on the new card you can configure to use it, and
>disable the rest.

The second paralel port works alright, but I'd liked to get at least one
more serial as sometimes it's handy to get one of that very old
boxes to be useful as terminals. At least this was one of the intentions
when I bought the card.

>Actually, changing to other IRQs isn't that difficult either.  
>You have to get a diagram of ISA slot pin assignment, trace 
>a track on your board from IRQ channel you're interested in,
>cut that track and solder a wire from there to a different IRQ

This sound interesting. The 4x6 inch `user's manual' only
mentions io addresses, but no way to change the IRQ. Could
you be a bit more explicit? I've close to no experience on
hardware level.

>Other than that -- what about s/h 10base2 ethernet cards?  

My PC does has even a good ethernet card, which I use
when I get the box to the university to download huge amounts
of things (I'm planning to do this with debian 1.2); but there
doesn't seem to be a reasonable cheap solution on the Atari


Ciccio C. Simon

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