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More Ports for Debian's


I've got an intel based Debian box, and an m68k (Atari Falcon), also running
Linux. I'd liked to connect them using ppp or plip, but the bigger box has
all serial and paralel ports ocupied (mouse, modem, printer). So I decided
to purchase a card giving me an additional paralel and two serial ports. This
was the only card I could find after looking for a month, it's no-name, w/o
any kind of manual (just a jumper-charts regarding the i/o addresses),
and the vendor hasn't got an idea.

When I plug it into an ISA slot, I loose the serial (mouse) port because
of an IRQ 4 conflict; the triton II PnP mother board seems to have changed
the sound cards IRQ 5 to IRQ10. I played a lot with all jumper settings
I tought of (at least same IRQ but different I/O address), but the conflict

Any advice would be appreciated.


Ciccio C. Simon

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