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Specialized reboot parameters (was: who is guilty, the kernel or Debian)


Under 2.0.25 there are options for how the system reboots. These are specified
on the LILO command line. One of these will probably solve your rebooting
problem. These are typed in the form

	boot: linux reboot=c

at the lilo prompt, or in /etc/lilo.conf add the line


and then run lilo.

The options are:

	w	warm boot.
	c	cold boot.
	b	reboot by jumping to the BIOS reboot function.
	h	hard reboot by toggling reset and/or crashing the CPU.

I think that "crashing the CPU" comment may be for a non-Intel
architecture. I also notice that /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/kernel/process.c
function hard_reset_now() has some code to implement these functions
that does not necessarily apply to every BIOS, so not all of these
choices will work with every system.

I don't know what kernel version introduced this functionality.


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