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Re: Netscape - bus error

> Thank you for your suggestion, it seems a very good one. I will try it
> in the evening (at home).
> >Netscape is unable to allocate colors for its display.  Try doing
> >"netscape -ncols 64" and see if the "unable to obtain" erros go
> >away.  If not, try numbers smaller than 64 or close some applications
> >that are using lots of colors.  If the bus error goes away, you should
> >report this as a bug to Netscape (see "how to give feedback" under the
> >help menu).
> P.S. how can I acess the "help menu" if I can not acess Netscape? 8-).

<chuckle>  Well, I did say "If the bus error goes away...".  But I must
admit I didn't think of that when I wrote it.
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