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Re: Pine and fvwm2

Thank you,

Cut and paste functions work well with the shift key.

Pedro Ivan

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996, Rick Macdonald wrote:

> Pedro I. Sanchez wrote:
> > I used to run pine under an xterm or rxvt while using fvwm and I had full
> > cut/paste support (I mean, I could copy from the pine screen and paste
> > into any other X-application and viceversa). Now that I am using fvwm2 the
> > pine screen ignores the cut/paste events even though they work fine on the
> > xterm and rxvt screens (other than pine). Can somebody give an idea on how
> > to fix this?
> In pine, go into Setup/Config and look at the feature
> "enable-mouse-in-xterm".
> If you have this turned on, apparently you need to hold the shift key
> when cutting/pasting.
> Here is the help info:
>         FEATURE: enable-mouse-in-xterm
> This feature controls whether or not an X terminal mouse can be used
> with
> Pine.  If set, and the $DISPLAY variable indicates that an X terminal is
> being used, the left mouse button on the mouse can be used to select
> text
> or commands.
> Note: if this feature is set, the behavior of X terminal cut-and-paste
> is
> also modified.  It is necessary to hold the shift key down while
> clicking
> left or middle mouse buttons for the normal xterm cut/paste operations. 
> <End of help on this topic>
> -- 
> ...RickM...

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