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Re: upgrading base-passwd

On Sat, 23 Nov 1996 17:35:28 EST Joey Hess (joey@kite.ml.org) wrote:

> What's the proper way to upgrade debian's base-passwd package? I
> use unstable, and I've installed a new base-passwd a couple of times now,
> but since /etc/passwd and /etc/group are conffiles, and I don't want to
> mess up my exisiting password files (and I use shadow passwords), I have
> help my old versions of these files. So upgrading base-passwd hasn't
> really accomplished much for me. I have to diff the files and go in and
> make the alterations manually, it seems.
> Could base-passwd be set up to handle upgrades better, maybe modifying the
> files in the postinst? And what about shadow passwords?

Right now one has to change the passwd and group file by hand. For bo, we might want to change this and try to (optionnaly) automate the process. Some people might not like a program to change UIDs and GIDs for them :-)


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