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libc 4.7 available?


I'm having trouble compiling the virtual ftpd, but I do have a working 
binary, execpt that it is expecting to see libc-4.7 and my debian system 
has libc-4.6.27. I do have libc-5.2.18 as well, but I guess that it only 
looks at a minor version of the major version (meaning that even though I 
have libc-5.x, it is only looking for a libc-4.x compatible, which mine 
is not)

How can I get a libc-4.7.x to install?

Anyone been successfull in compiling the virtual ftpd under 2.0.x? It 
compiles fine for me under 1.2.13 but not under 2.0.x.


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