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weird network perl problem

I seem to be having a really strange problem, although I'm sure it's
something obvious. I was writing a simple program to verify if POP
mailuser accounts exist on a server. When I specify the localhost as the
server to connect to, everything works fine. However, if I specify a
remote server I can't connect.

I took a network trace and the TCP SYN packets being sent have a bad TCP
checksum. I figured I must be doing something wrong in my code so I
downloaded the pop-perl5 program from CPAN. It has the same problem!

I can telnet from this system to another POP server (on port 110) just
fine. All other network activity works fine. I tried the pop perl
program on another similarly setup system with the same results.

My configuration (for both systems) is:

mostly up to date debian 1.1
Linux kernel 2.021
perl 5.003

I assume this problem must be with my perl setup. Any help is greatly


Al Youngwerth

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