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Re: kerneld and pppd and /sbin/request-route

> On Sat, 17 Nov 2096, Adam Heath wrote:
> > I have set kerneld to automatically run pppd through
> > whenever I need the internet.  The only problem is that I still get a
> > timeout(or I just need to re-request the connection) from the kernel. 
> > run FTP, then PPPD dials and connects, but FTP has timed-out.  I get
> > same problem with LYNX and NETSCAPE.
> > 
> > Can anyone help?
> You should use the DIALD package.  It will do what you need.  
> Its in Debian form.   You will need to modify your setup a bit after you
> install it though. (Its a bit of a pain to get working, as I found out a
> few months ago..)  but it works really great.
I did do this.  It still timed out.

Adam Heath

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