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kernel-image-2.0.23_0 in Debian 1.1.14

I have just upgraded one machine to 1.1.14 and the 2.0.23 kernel, and
am having some problems with the networking.  In particular, running
xdm on a remote server (using X -query host) seems to freeze, whereas
it works OK when I boot up with the previous kernel version (2.0.6).

Is this a problem that anyone else has encountered, or do I need to
dig deeper myself?

Thanks for any pointers,


Dr Kevin Scott
Cordless Communications Group
Philips Research Laboratories            Tel: +44 1293 815281
Cross Oak Lane, Redhill                  Fax: +44 1293 815000
Surrey  RH1 5HA, UK                   E-mail: scottkj@prl.research.philips.com

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