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xrdb under xfree86 3.2

xrdb doesn't seem to work on a 486 which i recently upgraded to
xfree86 3.2. when i run it i get this:

/usr/X11R6/bin/xrdb: cannot run '/lib/cpp -traditional -Dlinux
-DHOST=rosalind -DSERVERHOST=r osalind -DSRVR_rosalind -DDISPLAY_NUM=0
-DVENDOR="The XFree86 Project, Inc" -DVNDR_The_XFree86_P roject__Inc
PLANES=8 -DBITS_PER_RGB=6 -DCLASS=PseudoColor -DCLASS_PseudoColor=32
-DCOLOR -DC LASS_PseudoColor_8=32 -DCLASS_DirectColor_8=33
-DCLASS_GrayScale_8=34 -DCLASS_St aticColor_8=35
-DCLASS_TrueColor_8=36 -DCLASS_StaticGray_8=37'

the funny thing is that it works fine on five other computers i have
(all pentiums) and it fails only on the 486. i copied the old xrdb
from 3.1.2 onto the 486 and now the system works fine. anybody else
seen this?


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