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pgp problems


	I was just reinstalling my debian system. Anyway I had on the
"old" system  pgp version 2.6.2i and now I installed pgp version 2.63i.
The problem is now that every time I try to decrypt a message/file or
verify signature of a message/file I always get the error:

Invalid ASCII armor header line: "Version: 2.6.2i"
ASCII armor corrupted.

Error: 'file' is not a ciphertext, signature, or key file.

This happens for foles encrypted by me, by other people, encrypted on
my maschine or other maschines. The strange thing is that other people
can decrypt messages/files encrypted by me. So I think that there is a
proplem with version 2.6.3i of pgp. Can somebody verify this. If this
is the case, where can I find a debian package for pgp-2.6.2i, which
worked flawlessly for me on the "old" debian setup?

My current debian is version 1.1.14. The old one was begun at 1.1.0 and
ended somewhere in 1.1.8 or 9.


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