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Re: X is painful + GPLed solution

Actually-- I thought it was appropriate for the devel list since it may  
affect future development of debian at the user interface level.   
Regardless, my followup is to debian-user only.

> There is no inter-application communication or awareness to speak of.

# This can be handelt via sockets,fifos....

But that is a completely inadequeate and unacceptable solution!  With any  
kind of a standard, 'inter-application communication' yields an environment  
where you have small 'pools' of applications that are can communicate with  
each other-- but cannot communicate between the 'pools'!

By inter-application communication, I mean:

	- cut/paste works across multiple data types between *any*
	- drag and drop is a standard part of the UI and works between
		*any* applications [again, across multiple data types]
	- applications can provide services to each other;  ie-- a filter
		service could automatically convert between one image
		format and another transparently].
	- and, of course, all of this functionality is either automatically 
		included in your application simply by using the components
		that support it OR is very easy to integrate.

BTW:  by multiple data types, I mean each component can consume or produce  
a standard set of data types that include formatting information, typed data  
such as text, images, or sounds.

# Have look at the kde project.

I will-- and if it is as cool as you make it sound, I'll happily put  
together the debian packaging information...


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