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Re: Is `.deb' still better than `.rpm'?

I think there are definitely two threads that should be pulled out of here:

1) Hints and tips on using dselect

2) Improvements for dselect

Personally I had few problems getting to grips with dselect, but as far as
intuitive, user friendly interfaces are concerned its a pigs orphan.

I know that Bill Gates isn't the most liked person on this list, but I
definitely think that we can learn a few things from his trade. Menu based
systems may not be a panacea, but they definitely make things easier.
Seeing as I have developed menu based systems on VAX/VMS systems using
VT100 screen control codes, it should be feasible to do the same on Linux
using ncurses, or some such thing.

The first thing that any new user sees when installing Debian Linux is
dselect. I think we should make his first experience as pleasurable as
possible. Even though I have not been using it for long, I think it is a
great product, and a great concept, but let's make it pretty. A lot of good
products have died through lack of beauty.

Simon Martin <smartin@reuna.cl>

"Old software engineers never die, they just fail to boot"

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