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Re: xconsole stops logging

Pete Templin wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Nov 1996, Luis Francisco Gonzalez wrote:
> > I have noticed that xconsolo stops logging any kernel messages when the daily
> > cron scripts get run and the current /var/log/messages file gets renamed to
> > /var/log/messages.0 and a new one gets created. Is this something normal or
> > is there anything I am doing wrong?
> It's probably still logging to the file that has become *.0 .  I'd suggest
> writing a script to "kill -HUP " any processes which access those
> (rotated) log files.  The kill just asks the xconsole to close whatever
> log files it has open and reopen its log file by name, thereby releasing
> its hold on the renamed file.

Alas that won't work.  See bug #3751 and my patch.  Though I no longer
xconsole as it keeps growing unless you kill it.  Right now I have a
C program that resembles tail but reopens the fifo when the other side
it.  This in addition to a simple script and xterm replaces the
functionality of
xconsole nicely.
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